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websites for betting

Best websites for betting predictions

The world of betting has existed for a long time and continues to be a favored pastime of many people all over the world. It is a fun way of earning some money. As enjoyable as it is, there is a good amount of calculation and guesswork that goes into placing a bet. Many people end up losing money while many others are able to turn in a profit. Good knowledge of the basics and some pre-match research is enough for you to place a good bet, but referring to betting predictions by experts on matches takes it a step further and guides the bettor in taking an informed decision. 

Betting predictions are readily available on many websites. Since the demand for online betting is only increasing with passing time, these sites are very useful, as every bettor likes to get some predictions and place a good bet. These websites provide information on what are the betting predictions for a particular sport or a particular match, along with the specific types of bets. This is very useful for beginners as well as veterans in betting as it helps them make an informed decision on their bets.  

Check out these websites if you want to know what are the betting predictions

betting predictions
  • BetClan: Bet Clan is a website based on betting which gives its predictions on a daily basis for various matches. You will find betting predictions for various football matches from all around the world all in one place. They also provide their predictions for other sports like cricket, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, tennis, volleyball, etc. 
  • GoalsNow: Goals Now is a website mainly for football predictions. You will find tournament wise match predictions on a daily basis. The predictions are listed in such a way that one can see the predictions and analysis according to the type of bet, making it simple to understand and convenient. GoalsNow is available on Android and iOS apps. 
  • MyBets Today: mybets.today is a website where you can find daily predictions, live scores, and live streams for many football matches. They post daily updates and list out predictions on the matches taking place on that day. They also provide betting tools like bet calculator, arbitrage calculator, odds calculator, etc. 
  • Today Betting Tips: bettingtips.today is a good website for daily predictions. They have a huge list of predictions and tips which is updated every day on their website. You will find every and any football match you want to bet on, on today’s betting tips.  
  • Sportus: If you are looking for betting predictions on a daily basis for various sports under one umbrella, Sportus is the website for you. This website lists daily predictions for sports like soccer, tennis, cricket, rugby, basketball, horse racing, esports, and many other things. You can get betting predictions country-wise as well as for specific tournaments.

With these top websites open for you to access, you will be equipped with all the necessary information you need for placing a bet that is profitable.