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soccer betting

Betting on football in India: how famous it is?

Without any shed of doubt, Football is one of the most loved and enjoyed sports in almost any part of the world and it has a large following base in approximately every part of the world. But, recently Football has also started gaining recognition in India, too. Generally, India is mainly known for its expertise in the game of cricket as well as hockey. However, due to the recognition of football, the game has also started gaining a surplus amount of fan bae following in the country.

Also, the game of betting is taking its position in almost every part of the sports, whether it be football, cricket, tennis, or kabaddi, or maybe it could be anything. And the person who loves football and has some power of analytical; thinking or knows something about the game of betting, goes for the same to play the game of betting in his favorite sport. 


  • One of the most fortunate things is the fact that there are a lot of football betting platforms in the whole world as well as in India. 
  • Due to this fact, there is a large competition in the game, in which many a lot of companies provide a lot of bonuses and frequently occurring rewards in order to lucrate the new base of customers and hold the existing base of customers. 


Though individual opinions may vary, there are many football betting sites available in India, but in my opinion, let us have look at the top 3 football betting sites in India,


Bet365 platform
  1. One of the most authentic and trusted websites which are available for betting in almost any part of the country is Bet365. The platform provides almost betting to any of the sports that is commonly available and is being played.
  2. There are now more than 23 million registered subscribers, which indicates its authenticity and brand value.
  3. Also, due to its loads of offers in betting, this platform continues to gain recognition as well as a lot of customers.


Betway platform
  1. It is said that if you are a beginner in betting and want to grow your money as quickly as possible in any of the betting games, you definitely need to know about Betway.
  2. This platform is very known due to its ease of use platform whether it be web-based applications or any application-based platform. 
  3. Also, the most noticeable feature that keeps Betway an edge more than its competitors is the Live streaming platform during its betting.


1xbet platform
  1. If you are currently interested just not only in a single league of football, but you are interested in a large variety of leagues of football that is played across all the parts of the world, then 1xBet could definitely be a great option available for you.
  2. So, from this platform, the conclusion that can be drawn is the fact that if you are certainly some person who is interested in trying to bet in a large variety of leagues, then 1xBet could be definitely the one made for you.